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14 Years of Hurling

Kira and I celebrated our 14th anniversary this week, and the days leading up to it were firm reminders of what we’ve gone through together.

I failed to mention last week that Hakan had a rough day where he woke up during the night and threw up. He got it all in the toilet, thankfully, but then the rest of the following day he was bedridden or on the couch, and couldn’t keep anything down. The next day, he awoke feeling much better and ate almost normally for the whole day, but came down with a fever. Kira decided to take him in, and the doctor was pretty sure it was a virus that would pass soon. We were excited when he seemed normal on Sunday. Sunday night, though, around 11:00 p.m., he started crying as if in pain from his bed. Usually, that means that he needs to use the toilet, but is too asleep to make the decision to get up. I carried him to the potty, but he had hardly any. Kira came to see what was up, and he tried going “number 2” with no success. He told us to leave him alone, but we didn’t think that was a good idea, as there was clearly something wrong. We put him back to bed, and then just a few minutes went by before I heard him make it to his door and throw up all over the carpet right there.

Kira and I spent several minutes dealing with that before getting him to bed. Monday morning I started out cleaning the carpet more thoroughly, so very thankful for the wet/dry vacuum my little brother got me for Christmas. Of course, Hakan has not had any problems since then.

Monday was also the 6th anniversary of my younger brother, Jesse’s, death. Hannah and I made one of his favorite meals, crab rangun, in his memory. We also enjoyed his favorite drink, IBC root beer. We spent some time before bed reading some of his journal entries about growing up.

Merritt had a couple of rough nights this week, as he seems to be dealing with a cold. He had a stuffy nose, preventing him from breathing through it at night, which dried out his throat. Kira found some medication for him to help, and that seems to have done the trick, but not before we lost a good night of sleep.

On our anniversary, I had to be on campus for two meetings, losing the day entirely. We went out to dinner that night, though, at a small but excellent restaurant downtown. Then, on Saturday night, Hannah was kind enough to babysit while Kira and I went to see the last Avengers movie that just came out. We had a great time, and thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

The weather on Saturday was bizarre. Out of nowhere we got a big wave of cold and it snowed almost all day. The kids did not feel like playing in it much, so they spent most of the day indoors, and Kira spent the morning at a Relief Society activity. 

Apollo had his veterinarian appointment on Friday to get his stitches removed from being neutered. He appears to be in good health, and the vet confirmed that he is about 1 year old. We have gone several days accident-free, so now we’re going to try to train him to signal us when he needs to potty. Merritt is really taking a shine to him more.

I am in my last week of classes before finals, so things are very busy. I’m looking forward to some summer projects like building a fence for Apollo, and getting the yard up to my standards, but in any case we all seem ready for the weather to warm up. 

Come and visit us when the beach warms up and we’ll play!


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