• Elijah Ricks

1st Birthday!

…Avey is so thoughtful. She had to make sure everyone else tried her cake before she did.

Thanks to very generous relatives, she made quite the haul. Her real birthday is tomorrow, of course, but it looked like today would be the best day for everyone to get together. And Avey loves a crowd, especially when all the attention is on her.

She is definitely developing more of a personality lately. And that personality is stubborn! If she doesn’t want to sleep or eat, she will put up the fight of her life. But she’s also learning a lot, too. This week she learned “button”, “bow”, and the below picture was taken when she learned “hat”. It’s part of a Halloween costume we pulled out of a box to see how she measured up. Man, does she frighten my socks off…

Kira and I had a busy Sunday singing in my parents’ ward, and both teaching the lessons during the third hour of church, then getting everything ready for the party. We’re both exhausted now, which may explain why this post is so poorly organized, and ends so abruptly.

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