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3 to 1

Kira has been enjoying her trip to Colorado, and says that the funeral service was very good and appropriate. She’s had quality time with her family and some friends, and worked hard to help out with the preparations and such. We are excited to have her return tonight!

We’ve been busy here at home, too. I’ve managed things pretty well, if I say so myself. The kids have been relatively cooperative and kind to one another, and Avey, especially, has tried to be helpful to me and patient with her brothers. 

We were especially glad to have my sister fly in on Friday – the kids have been thrilled to have a playmate at their disposal. It’s been great to have an extra pair of capable hands to help manage them. Yesterday was particularly trying after Hakan woke up at 5 a.m., excited to get the day started. He woke up the rest of his siblings, so I was up with them all. Hakan nearly did the same thing this morning at 3, but fortunately fell back asleep in my bed. 

To try to show my sister a good time here in the Land of Lincoln, we braved the cold weather and went to the zoo. Perhaps it was because so few people were there, but the animals were a bit more active than the last time we went. Hakan seemed particularly taken with the fish, but even more so with being able to run around. Carver enjoyed himself, but seemed most interested in the snacks I brought with us. Avey was really hoping to find the Goliath Spider we had heard was there, but we asked two workers and nobody knew about it. 

It was a nice break from the normal routine, but we paid for it with later meals and naps, leading to later bedtimes. Fortunately, it was a relatively peaceful night.

Tomorrow, we are going to try to venture into the city to show my sister a few sights. The forecast is not inviting, but we are up against the clock. My sister leaves us on Tuesday, just before my semester begins, and we get back into the normal routine.


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