• Elijah Ricks

5 Months

More pictures from the same series, but c’mon, how could I not?

Other than that, we’ve been pretty busy spending our tax return this week. Dad talked Mom into letting him buy a new computer in preparation for graduate school (nice excuse, right?), so he spent about a week researching out what he wanted and finding good deals. He decided once and for all and ordered a laptop on Friday night. He’s almost as excited for it to arrive as he was for Avey to arrive.

Dad also heard about a sweet deal for any student who has an email account ending in “.edu”. If that sounds like you, click here for more details.

We had a bit of a scare yesterday when Mom left Dad and Avey to help out her sister for a while half an hour away. Like a good girl, Avey went down for a nap like normal while Dad worked on some projects. She woke up an hour later and was due to eat, so Dad warmed up some milk and tried to feed her. The key word here is “tried”. She absolutely refused. She’s taken a bottle before, but this time would hear nothing of it. She whined for an hour and a half and probably got down about a milliliter. She is such a princess sometimes – everything has to be just so. It’s a good thing she’s as ridiculously cute as she is.

More updates to come…

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