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-6 Candles

Avey will be six years old in a few hours. As a brief blast through the past, I’ve selected a few of my favorite videos of her over the years: 

  1. First crawls

  2. A silly game she played

  3. Some of her first words

  4. First legitimate walking

  5. Giggles with Mommy

  6. Discovers the fun of mirrors

  7. A piece from Charlotte’s Web

  8. So glad when Daddy comes home

  9. The classic “Candle on the Water

  10. Embracing the role of Big Sister

It is at once exciting and heart wrenching to see how much she’s changed in these few short years. I will spare the reader my usual blubbering on about the passage of time. Suffice it to say, I love my daughter very much, at every age.

Avey chose to spend the day doing the things she loves. She wanted to meet some friends at the theater to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, which was enjoyable for everyone. We ate out at her favorite restaurant, and we will open her presents and eat her cake today at my grandmother’s house.

She had early release on Friday, so we got to spend some time at her favorite park. That ended up being a mixed experience for both kids. Avey tried to make friends with 3 older girls (8 years old or so). The girls were polite and interacted with Avey, but once they saw Carver gleefully entertaining himself, it was all over. The girls all but ignored Avey, and would not leave Carver alone. They wanted to pick him up every few seconds, take turns going down the slide with him, and make sure he did everything they thought he would look cute doing. They would walk with him, holding his hands, certain that he would fall at any moment. Then they’d say, “I think he wants to go over here,” or “I think he wants to try the swings.” He took it all in stride, but I figured he was ready for some space, so I suggested that he may want to explore on his own. They eventually dispersed. 

Just as we were preparing to leave, a girl Avey’s age showed up and they became instant friends, so we stayed a little longer. We finally left exhausted, thirsty, and satisfied. 

It’s hard to imagine that the next six years will go by just as quickly (if not quicker) than these first six, but I suppose we will need to be prepared for anything.

#Happenings #LittleGems

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