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Our new mattress is a huge success, with the whole family. Avey had fallen in love with our old mattress for its bounciness – in fact, the day the delivery guys were coming to exchange the mattresses, Avey bawled like they were coming to take away her left arm. 

Carver fell in love with our bed several weeks ago. He never quite got the hang of jumping on it, but that child could roll around on it all day and never once show a sign of boredom. 

Just a couple of weeks ago, I showed the kids what it’s like to make a little tent out of a sheet on the bed, and that immediately turned into their favorite shared activity:

Now, every night just before bedtime, they both demand some time on our bed. I’ve even had to move a baby mattress out to the front room so that they can play on it as long as they want with less supervision.

Forget some awesome vacation – these kids just need a few sheets and something soft to roll around on!


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