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We all had quite the busy week. Kira and Avey were still living it up in Colorado, but staying very busy with various appointments, including a professional photo shoot for Avey. Can’t wait to get the negatives of those!

Meanwhile, Dad was busy at home working four 10-hour-days to make up for missing Monday, and he had appointments every night but Thursday. In between all that junk, I was working on grad school stuff, but had quite a bit of success; I’ve got two down and am just a couple of hours away from finishing the last three. I can’t tell you how nice it feels to have a whole month to do it in either.

Avey caught a little (baby-sized) cold in Colorado. She’s got a little sniffle, but her spirits are high. She’s glad to be home, as she has expressed through a complicated language of smiles, spit up, and diaper signals. Those are like smoke signals, except for some obvious differences.

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