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Avey and I had the opportunity for a daddy-daughter date this week. UTEP’s theater was showing Monsters University, which we had not yet seen. We had a great time watching it, even though it was way past Avey’s bedtime. After it was over, I asked her what her favorite part of the movie was. She replied that she liked the part where Dean Hardscrabble flew into the room, and was really scary (clip here). 

I admit I was surprised that she did not mention any of the silly parts, but she has always been a fan of being scared. Before we left the building, I asked if she needed to use the restroom. She said she did, but after I opened the restroom door and she heard the blaring air hand dryers, she said she did not want to use that restroom. It was apparently too loud for her. We would be passing my office on the way back to the car, so I told her we could try that building. When we got there, though, it must have felt like a haunted house to her. It is one of the older buildings on campus, and was abandoned at 8:45 p.m., so I had to unlock it, and find a light. She was a little nervous about that part, but then what really did it was when we got to the restroom.

I opened the door and turned on the light, when what horror should await us, but 6 to 8 of the largest cockroaches scurrying around the tile floor. Avey panicked, so we left, and I suggested we try the ladies’ room (as we were the only ones in the building), but she wouldn’t risk it. She was horrified.

I do not blame her – I was pretty disgusted by the cockroaches, and I’m a little nervous about going back on Monday, because I don’t know where they all hide during the day. But I am a bit fascinated by the fact that in her mind, she is really into scary things, but then gets spooked by the noise of hand dryers and the sight of insects to the point where she loses all her nerve. After that experience, she may never set foot on UTEP campus again!

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