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I suppose the grass really is always greener on the other side. When we’re in the dead of winter I’m ready for summer; and when it’s in the upper 80’s in June I’m ready for the winter again. Of course, the grass isn’t greener in winter. It’s actually not green at all, at least ’round these parts.

Anyway, I’ve decided we really are sissies. Air conditioning hasn’t even been around that long in the grand scheme of things, but somehow the human race has survived for thousands of years even when unable to escape temperatures up to and including 89 degrees Fahrenheit. And yet right around 78, my entire body shuts down to the point where I feel utterly incapable of disturbing my catatonic state on the couch to get up and dish a bowl of ice cream. We do have air conditioning here in the house, luckily, or I might have ended up in a coma while writing this. On a completely unrelated note, the forecast in El Paso for this Thursday is 105!

Honestly, I think my lack of energy is more related to my lack of motivation than the heat. We finally got around to looking into housing for our move this week (making sure AC is a feature)!

I’m sorry we have no new pictures or video this week. We’ve been pretty busy. Just this week Avey’s developed interest in dancing and bugs. She woke up one morning and decided that she likes moths and wants to hold one in her hand. So I, being the tender father I am, wounded one, but before finishing him off, let it flutter around in her palm before falling to the floor. Think that’ll scar her for life? Anyway, she later had me “catch” a dead one in a jar so she could watch it while she ate. I think that’s a little funny, but what scares me is that she knew it was dead, but still wanted it put in the jar anyway.

Random update: Scarver, the guy who killed Jeffery Dahmer, is now housed in the prison where I work. One way to know that you’ve been working in prison too long is when you kind of want to get the autograph of the guy who killed one of the most infamous serial killers in history.

I think I should compile a post of “things I learned in prison” before we move.


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