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Kira has been trying to get away for a break for some time now, hoping to visit her best friend since childhood. It finally worked out for her to fly out this weekend, so she is off on a mini vacation while I hold down the fort, as it were. 

It hasn’t been bad overall. The kids have behaved well mostly, except for Carver’s blatant disregard for nap time yesterday. I had to wake him after 3 hours of napping on Friday so that we could pick Avey up from school, but then on Saturday Avey had to be at a carnival her school was putting on. It was a lot of fun, but it meant that Carver missed his usual napping window. He finally passed out at the most inconvenient time later in the afternoon, and I had to wake him so that we wouldn’t be partying until all hours of the night. He was up at about 4:00 this morning, ready to start his rigorous routine of running around and playing. Luckily, he is deep in slumber now as I write this, hopefully getting his Circadian rhythms back on track.

Being a temporarily single parent has meant a few adjustments to our strict household policies. For example, I’ve relaxed their daily dietary restrictions slightly, and we had both pizza and cheeseburgers this weekend. Carver is an avid fan of both.

Kira gets home late tonight, and we are all excited to have her back. I will probably spend tomorrow hiding in my office at school, suddenly enjoying working on my dissertation. Hopefully, Kira will also enjoy her time soaking up Carver’s attention…


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