• Elijah Ricks

A Brief Homecoming

Friday, I flew back home for several reasons: 1. I could 2. My little brother had just returned from a mission on Wednesday 3. Kira has taken several trips home without me, and it was my turn 4. My siblings and I had to experience “The Simpsons Movie” together 5. Once Avey’s born, there’s no way I’ll get to take a trip out there alone

It was a nice trip, however brief, and I was impressed with both my mother’s cooking and the amount of hair my little brother still has (we were expecting the worst).

The weather was phenomenal, with fairly warm days and then regular thunderstorms every night that cooled things down dramatically. Once again we see indisputable, scientific proof that Colorado is the promised land.

An interesting thing happened on the way back too. Standing in line, waiting to board the plane, I saw that an old coworker of mine from the mail room was there too with his family. We sat together and got caught up and then his parents gave me a ride from Salt Lake down to Provo, saving Kira the 2 hour trip, and us both the gas. Small world.

I thought I would have gotten some pretty sweet pictures while out there, but every time something happened, I had left the camera someplace else. Alas…

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