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A Good Problem to Have

We had another wild week with Kira getting a new office, the oldest 4 in the house going to South Bend for a comedian, and finishing up the kids' projects.

Kira's had enough trouble with the dentist from whom she rents office space that she figured it was time to look into some new space. He's been very weird about getting her a key to the space she uses, forgot to open up the office a couple of weeks ago, and has talked about increasing what he charges her. She asked around with Hannah's boss, who seems to know a lot of people in the area, and he directed her to a guy who owns a house he uses for his business, but he's looking to sell the place in the next several months. They met, and she saw the upstairs where she would be working, and it looked great for her needs. She wrote up a simple agreement and then set everything up so that it's official. She bought a few chairs to put in the office yesterday, and will start seeing her client there tomorrow.

The kids had a fairly standard week, but were glad to have a 2-hour delay on Thursday morning. It was especially surprising, because the big snowstorm happened Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, but school was on time, then the roads were all clear on Thursday morning when the delay came. The kids didn't complain, anyway.

Avey had a good time at basketball practice, where she made a basket. She's having a good time with all of that. She also rearranged her room this week to change things up. She is still working out the details, but it seems to be going well. With all of the space she has in the room, she could do a lot with it.

We also finished up the big projects that the boys had to do this week. Hakan turned his in earlier in the week, using lots of different shapes to created a small boat floating down a river toward a waterfall.

Carver and I put the finishing touches on his model of a bank in the area, too. He had some good ideas to get it all worked out, and I let him make most of the decisions about the creation. He'll turn his in tomorrow.

Friday night was special, as Avey, Kira, Hannah, and I all drove to South Bend to attend a show by Nate Bargatze, a stand-up comic we've really enjoyed for the last year or two. We got a babysitter, but then learned that day that she couldn't get off of work in time, so she sent her mom to do the first shift and then took over for bedtime. We had them fed before we left, and were pretty nervous about how both Apollo and Merritt would do, but things went well. The mom brought her youngest daughter, who gets along swimmingly with Merritt, and they also brought their dog whom we had had over before, so Apollo played with him. The show was a lot of fun, and it was a nice break to the routine.

We are glad to finally have a break from the snow today, as it's reached the 50s again. We're hoping to get out and enjoy it soon.

Carver's excited for his birthday this week, and Kira's been in communication with Carver's best friend's mother to arrange a sort of joint party. The friend is just a few days younger than Carver, so they are going to see a movie together and have a pizza party and all that. We'll get a cake ready for him, of course, and got his wishlist all set.

Otherwise, this is going to be a busy week for me, as I have to go to campus every stupid day.

We'll have some more pictures next week!

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