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A Happy Union

It’s been quite the week! Most momentous was that I bought our frog a wife! Yeah, the frog formerly known as Ursula turned out to be a dude. I had a hunch that he was after doing some reading a while back on the subject, and he exhibited several symptoms of maleness (it’s sort of like a disease, right?). It was really obvious after he’d been “singing” for several nights in a row. A little research revealed that only males sing, and that he was probably lonely. I decided I’d make a great matchmaker, and swung by the pet store to pick him up a wife.

Of course, we couldn’t call him Ursula in front of his new bride – that would be embarassing – so we decided to give them both new names. Avey liked the suggestion “Timothy” for the male, and she came up with “Foovy” for the female. That’s right – Foovy.

Oh, and the fish, Jeffery, has made a full recovery from the infection. Thank you all for your prayers and cards, and all the flowers.

In other news, I’m getting even older. Today is my birthday. Kira has made it a wonderful couple of days, including eating out, family visits, sleeping in, and delicious treats. Avey was a big help at opening presents.

Thanks for reading! More news to come!


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