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A Healthy Baby Boy

…is what we hope to have in another week or so! Made you look!

We are keeping our fingers crossed that he will wait a few more days at least. I still have another final exam to write, and our extra pair of hands does not arrive until Thursday. We don’t seem to be doing much to try and prevent active labor, though. Yesterday was a day of lots of work, and Kira was on her feet most of the day. We took inventory and realized that none of the kids has shoes that fit anymore. We are figuratively up to our eyeballs in hand-me-down shoes, but by some strange twist of fate each child’s feet are in between the correct shoe sizes we already own.

We could sense Payless‘s stockholders’ mouths watering as we pulled into the parking lot with six little feet needing something wrapped around them. Avey enjoyed herself exercising a little more freedom to choose styles she wants (now that she’s older), and Carver had some fun showing off his Kung Fu skills to a little girl patron of the store. Hakan was in heaven – one of his favorite pastimes is to swipe shoes he finds in the house, put them on the wrong feet (somehow he never manages to get them on the right way), and shuffle around. A shoe store is his dream come true. He had a grand time trying on everything from heels to rain boots, but naturally, when it came time to fit him for some practical Hakan-sized shoes, he would have none of it. Eventually he let us try new shoes on his left foot, as long as he could keep a superhero-themed shoe that was way too big for him on his right foot (of course, it was a left shoe). After much weeping and wailing, the shoe fitting was complete.

This week Kira and I “celebrate” our 11th Anniversary. I hesitate to call it a celebration, because with so much baby preparation left, and our special day falling on a school night, and our complete lack of energy, it won’t be much of a party. We had a small ceremony last night of getting take-out and stuffing ourselves silly after the kids were in bed, but it wasn’t much. We’ve had a long string of mediocre anniversary celebrations, including being at other people’s weddings, and even my little brother’s funeral 3 years ago. We’ll have to make up for all of these with a month-long cruise or something one of these years.

I’m afraid that I have no videos or pictures from the week, which is probably another testament to how busy it was. We may have a newborn by next Sunday, though, so stay tuned…


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