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A Place to Call "Home"

We had another eventful week, full of fun and surprises. What was not a surprise was Hakan’s First Birthday! We split up the joy so that family visiting for my graduation could also participate, and then we had a much smaller celebration once the real day came. Hakan did not seem to understand what all was going on, but he was very happy as usual. He sure is acting like a 1-year-old. He’s walking around more often, trying finger foods, and he understands more words. We sure do love that boy!

We also signed the lease for our Chicago home! It was Kira’s first choice out of all the places she saw on her trip, and it was also her favorite school. We are very excited, and go to bed with visions of the big yard, kitchen, and overall extra space. We are putting together our moving plan, and hope to go through Colorado for a brief visit. It turns out that that route adds only a few hours to the trip! 

Carver’s dear great aunt recently gave him a Lego airplane, which he has absolutely adored. In the course of playing with it earlier this week, he hit his head with it. Hearing his cry of pain, I asked what happened, and when he told me that the airplane hit his head, I asked if we should put the plane in a time out (a common fate for offenders in our home). Carver didn’t like that idea. I asked him if we should paddle the plane’s bum as punishment. Carver gave me a look and said, “Dad, it doesn’t have a bum – it just has a tail.” I suggested, “Should we have the plane tell Carver ‘sorry’?” Carver explained to me that “it doesn’t talk – it’s just a [sic] airplane.” Then, pointing to the little pilot figure in the cockpit, he says, “This guy says sorry, but he can’t hear you. He has to get out.” After taking apart the plane so that the pilot could hear us, we requested an apology from the plastic figure. Carver’s doing much better now.

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