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A Plethora of Pain

We had a full week of illness and agony, with a few smiles here and there. 

Carver was sick last week, and it continued well into this one. He was lethargic, had coughing fits, and occasional fevers. We finally took him back in to the doctor to at least get him looked at. Although there was no clear diagnosis, they did give him some antibiotics, which seems to have quickly turned him around. He took a dose that afternoon, and was ready for school the next morning. He’s nearly himself now, with no more fevers or coughs. Thank science for modern medicine!

Hakan also shared some of Carver’s symptoms, but he recovered relatively quickly, probably due to his total refusal to acknowledge that he was ill. His stubbornness can be a strength sometimes, I suppose. No one else had the coughing fits or fever, so let’s hope it stays that way!

My tooth pain never did get any better, so I dropped into the dentist on Tuesday to ask what I should do, and they did a quick assessment on me to find that I will certainly need a root canal on that tooth, so that makes one tooth that has already had one, and two that need it. At least only one of them is painful. Unfortunately, it is very painful to bite down or contact cold, so I’ve been tweaking on ibuprofen all week to keep it manageable until my appointment on Thursday. Thank science for modern dentistry!

At least we were able to do some good things this week amid all of the woe. Kira had a bee in her bonnet to get out of the house on Saturday, and so we went to a lake that is just a 20-minute drive or so from our house. We all had a great time skipping rocks (when we could find a spot where no one was fishing) and looking at the wildlife. We saw what we think were a couple of cranes, and some beautiful black-and-red birds that we don’t see around our house. While we were looking for some good rocks to throw into the water, I noticed a snake slithering in the grass. Avey is a big fan of snakes, so she was excited, and the boys had a good time checking it out, too. Then, we saw another one…and another one! We saw probably 4 or 5 snakes in that spot, and then another 4 or so when we made it to the other side of the lake.

In the biggest news of the week, we are one step closer to buying a house! We found some things we want repaired after the inspection, and went back and forth with the seller a few times, negotiating what would happen. We finally agreed on it yesterday, so now things are moving to the next step, but it’s looking very likely that the house is ours! We are simultaneously excited and terrified. We’ll keep the updates coming…

In preparation for the move, I’ve been packing a few boxes each day. It’s been mostly books and board games, and some loose toys so far, but I’m trying to get a head start. We still have about a month before closing, so there’s time, but it never hurts to prepare now.

Avey has also been working to get her room in order here, so she’s been getting rid of clutter like a champ. Her room is the cleanest it’s been since we moved in here, I think. Let’s hope that this pattern sticks even after the move, because she’ll have a room about twice the size of her current one.

Merritt has been practicing more words lately. He has really nailed down some common phrases like “All done!” when he is through eating. He also says “Otay!” for OK, whenever he falls but is unhurt, or agrees to do something. He also says “Hey!” when we do something he doesn’t like, which has been cute.

That’s it for this time, but there’s always something brewing at our place…


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