• Elijah Ricks

A Practice in Patience

[Yes, the title is also that of a The Parlor Mob song.] 

Carver has had little interest in eating for some time now, preferring instead to entertain himself with any number of toys and/or activities. Ergo, whenever he shows any interest in food, we are quick to respond. For breakfast lately, he fishes out the same foods every morning – baby food fruit, baby food meat mixed with baby food greens, yogurt, milk, and cheese slices. He likes to start off with his fruit, which is easy enough because we just open it up and shove a spoon in his hand. But as we busily work to get his meat and greens mixed, while also trying to keep enough food within reach of his younger brother, Carver often gets annoyed with us. He starts with the whiny tone of a 3-year-old, “Dad,” which is always a winner around this place, and then finishes with the gem, “it’s taking too long to open my yogurt.” 

What he means to say, of course, is “Father, at your earliest convenience would you be so kind as to open my yogurt for me? I lack the skill.”

We had a great Halloween yesterday. It rained all day, but that didn’t keep Avey and Carver from running around the neighborhood, threatening mischief unless treats were offered. They came home with a big stash of goodies that is sure to last until next October.

#Happenings #LittleGems

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