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A Snail’s Pace

Hakan seems to have finally gotten the hang of crawling! This week he began taking the little full crawl steps to move forward. I caught a little bit of footage when he was trying to chase down Kira:

We are so proud of the little guy for mastering it at a younger age than did his two older siblings, and we’re also a little nervous because he is capable of getting into new things. We’ve had the place baby-proof before, when Carver was at this stage, but with three kids there is a lot more stuff lying around for Hakan to grab onto. Avey is especially skilled at leaving all of her belongings lying about, and she is also the most sensitive to anyone disturbing them. She may learn to keep her things more tidy over these next few weeks.

Kira is still not yet back to her normal self. She is doing noticeably better than last week, but her cough persists and she is still is not getting enough sleep. To make matters even more interesting, Hakan seems to have reached a more severe stage of the illness – his nose is much worse than the last week or so, and his mood is a bit worse too. We are sick of being sick, and can’t wait to see what it’s like to be well again.

Yesterday, Carver and I were at a little play area. Carver was playing a little game and I noticed a bird of prey flying over a nearby field. I pointed it out to Carver, who noticed that the bird was not flapping its wings very much. I said, “Yeah, he is going slow, looking for some little animals to eat.” Carver thought for just a moment and then commented, “But he’s not going to eat them – he’s just going to hold them.” I figure I’ll let him believe that the world is not a constant struggle between life and death for a few more years.

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