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A Thousand Words Are Worth A Lousy Picture

So much for getting back later in the week. We got the hard drive on Tuesday and it was pretty simple to get installed and running, but the stupid thing was how long it took to get all of our software and programs loaded back on. We’re mostly glad that we had all of our stuff backed up so we didn’t lose any pictures or videos of Avey (I wouldn’t mind losing all the ones we have of me). So if you don’t have an external hard drive, buy one now!

School is back up in full swing now and I’ve got projects pending. If anyone knows somebody between ages 6 and 16, I need two of them who want to know their IQ (and don’t mind me knowing) for my cognitive assessment class. Send them on over.

I’m getting excited for my trip to Salt Lake City in a few weeks. It’ll be good to see my old friends from work. I don’t know how much time the conference is going to take up, so I’m trying not to make promises I can’t keep on meeting up with all our old friends. I know you all miss Avey more than me, but she’ll be out there in April for a wedding, so maybe we can hook up then! 

Sorry there’s no new video this week. Avey is obsessed with watching videos of herself, so I want to try to get her watching herself and post that. Maybe I can get her really confused about it and she’ll stop caring.


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