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We had quite the week. It took me until about Wednesday to feel like I’d recovered from my trip, which was good because I had to present that same research to the psychology department at UTEP on Thursday in order to move onto the next phase of my program. It was well received, and I even swiftly shot down concerns from the department’s most critical professor. After a little paperwork, I will officially be a “Ph.D. Candidate”!

Carver has been practicing standing unassisted this last week. He’ll lean up against a wall or couch, then let go and balance by bending at the waist. His record before sitting down (that I’ve witnessed, anyway) is about 5 seconds. He’ll be “running” amok before we know it. 

I’m on Spring Break, finally. Even though it won’t be much of a break, it is still nice to have an excuse to play a little more. We are planning a trip to White Sands National Monument this week, and probably staying up too late. Kira is also going to an all-day conference for her job, meaning I get some quality time with the offspring.

On that note, last week I taught my undergraduates about Roger’s theory of psychology, emphasizing his use of unconditional positive regard. I thought I would put it to use at home and told Avey before bed that, of all the daughters in the world, I wanted her to be mine. She tried to return the compliment by giving me her most sincere look and saying, soothingly, “And I’m used to you too.”

I suppose that’s worth something – winner by default.

#Happenings #LittleGems

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