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Somehow life goes on. Even with a new baby in the house, we somehow manage to get food in our tummies and clothes on our backs every day. 

Avey wins the award for “most improved” since Carver’s birth. You may recall that she was having some behavioral issues, verging on prodromal oppositional defiant disorder, but has since made nearly a full recovery. She now occupies herself with many healthy craft activities (most are quite inventive, I must say), and is Mommy’s little helper. She is notably better about cleaning up toys when it’s time, and has made it a point to use patience and self-control more often. 

I am managing to muddle my way through more graduate school while still attempting to spend more time helping out at home. I’m on track to end the semester strong with a new research project underway, and making preparations to teach Sensation & Perception to undergraduates over the summer, while still working part-time at the Juvenile Probation Department. 

Kira is slowly becoming more mobile as well, occasionally venturing out from our four walls to catch a breath of fresh air before another person under 5 demands her services. She’s held some phone consultations with clients, worked through email and phone with her church duties, and hauled the kiddos out and about for various errands and appointments.

We could not have made it this far without the generous help from neighbors, friends, and (especially) family! Now, the real test for us will be if we can survive a trip back home in May…

#Happenings #OnParenthood

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