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Adventures with Teething

Avey has had a rough time this week with her teeth. Those things are popping up all over the place now, with at least one molar poking through and two new top teeth from what we can tell. We’re hoping those top ones will help a lot with her lisp. She’s had a hard time saying words that begin with “s” and when they’re in the middle of a word, she does a really hard “th”. “Jesus” becomes “Jethuth”, “Missy” (my mom’s cat) becomes “Mithy” and so on.

It’s got to be quite the experience to get teeth when you’ve never had them before. Avey constantly pokes her hands in my mouth to check out my chompers with a deep curiosity. I wonder if she puts the sensations in her mouth together with what she sees in my mouth and figures she’ll have teeth like mine one day – I guess I don’t blame her for her sudden bursts of crying.


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