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There truly is no party like Avey’s birthday party, because Avey’s birthday party does not stop. Here we are, two weeks after, and we still have not begun to sort out all of the booty. Her room is complete chaos – covered in little treasures.

Avey’s talented and thoughtful great aunt threw a pirate-themed party, with an inflatable treasure chest and everything. After a brief series of clues, she was eventually led to the presents, all packed into the chest. She exclaimed several times that this was the best birthday ever. 

Carver also made out like a bandit. He got a fresh foam ball to toss around, so he has been entertained for the entire 2 weeks. We were again reminded just how bright he is when later, he surprised us by singing “Happy Birthday” all on his own. He had heard it only 3 or 4 times, but has it down pretty well:

Every day we are more and more shocked with just how grown up our kids are. Avey can whistle like a pro, snap her fingers, and finally tried eating a burger without taking it apart first. Carver impresses us with new words games each day. And he can dance like Fred Astaire (if Muse had been around when Fred was):

As a brief update to last week’s post, Carver turned out to have a small cold, which may have been why he was having so much trouble sleeping. He’s sleeping better now, even though it’s less than we’d like.

Maybe by next birthday, we’ll all be well-rested.


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