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Afternoon at the Museum

We’ve survived yet another week. We’re getting pretty good at this. 

There is not much to tell that is out of the routine. We had several rainy days, and cooler weather overall. All evidence of Snowmageddon is now deep underground or has flowed away. 

We had a special treat on Wednesday when Kira’s only brother came to visit. He was in Chicago for a business training (he’s an engineer). He was not sure if he’d get to break away or if he was expected to stick around with all of the others (office politics). So we were glad that he was able to come and see us for a few hours. He even treated us to our favorite pizza place (take-out) for dinner. 

The boys have been either the best of friends, or at each others’ throats. For example, just this morning, I found all three boys under the covers of Kira’s and my bed, playing “family.” They would lay there until Carver started crying like a baby, then Hakan would jump up and run to the crib to soothe the doll they had put in there, while one of them ran to get a pretend bottle of milk. It was endearing.

Not an hour later, they were all downstairs, playing with their toy tools. We have three toy saws and three toy hammers, but naturally, Hakan and Merritt both decided that they wanted the same one, and neither one would budge an inch on it, so World War III ensued for 15 minutes of screaming and crying. Eventually, we got Merritt to give up the hammer to Hakan, who then put it away and didn’t play with it at all. 

The highlight of the week was our outing yesterday. We took advantage of the free admission to Illinois residents at the Field Museum. We checked out the fossils, the Egypt exhibit, and the Mammals of Asia. Hakan was very interested in a small lava display we passed by, so we went back to see it. He was disappointed to find that the lava was just lights under plaster, and immediately said he wanted to go home. We managed to hold his attention a little bit longer, and then called it a day after we were all tired of walking. 

In other news, Kira had a parent-teacher conference early Friday morning while I got the kiddos to school. No surprises there: Avey is advanced beyond her years in both reading and writing, excels at math, is a delight to her classmates and teacher, and so on. On Presidents Day, when the kids were off of school, Kira found Avey working diligently at the computer on what appeared to be homework. As it turns out, it was just a personal creative writing project she had taken on. She’s known to do those things. Aristotle likely would have used Avey’s connection to writing as an example of telos. It is her purpose.

We are looking forward to bidding farewell to February’s weather, and celebrating Carver’s sixth birthday at the beginning of March. We can hardly believe that he will no longer be five!


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