• Elijah Ricks

…And Then There Were Four

As you may have noticed from the post early Monday, the biggest news of the week was the birth of Merritt late Sunday night. Kira’s water broke around dinner time and then the contractions began to get more regular and intense. She kept in contact with the midwife as we got kids to bed. Avey started freaking out – she could not wait. She asked me half a dozen times if Merritt was going to be born that night. The best I could tell her was “probably.” She was already light years ahead, planning out our next child, which she insists will be a girl. We, of course, were in no position to be discussing that. We tried to rest a bit, but a little before 10 p.m., it was time to go to the hospital.

We figured this delivery would be relatively fast, and we were right. We checked into the hospital at about 10, and Merritt was out and screaming at 11:27 p.m. He was Kira’s third consecutive VBAC, completely natural. Here he is the next morning, taking a peek at the world:

Merritt has been a superstar since he came. He’s healthy and strong, and got nursing down pretty quickly. He has even impressed us with his sleep. In fact, he gave us less trouble than did the hospital staff (who need to wake us up every hour or so for one reason or another); His first night home he went a full 4 hours in between night feedings!

He arrived with pretty good timing; Kira’s mother arrived on Thursday, so that gave us a few days to have her help with the preparations, and I got to focus on some grading. Fortunately, that was all done by Friday afternoon. Kira’s mother also got some time to become familiar with the kids’ schedules and dietary preferences before she flew solo. I did miss my classes on Monday and Tuesday, but had some coworkers lined up to cover the material with the students.

The hospital staff wanted to keep us a full 48 hours to make sure that Merritt was not showing signs of an infection. That would have meant that we had to be there until Wednesday, but because he was born on Sunday, we suggested that they release us at midnight on Tuesday. The doctor on Tuesday was very reasonable, and agreed to let us leave at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, as long as we agreed to see the pediatrician the next day (which we did).

Kira’s mother left Friday, and we’ve missed her help, but are managing pretty well. Avey has been especially helpful with her other brothers, and she’s made it a point to be extra good for Mothers Day. This morning she cleaned up the toys that were still spread all over the house. Carver has been much more interested in Merritt than he was with Hakan.

This is a very special Mothers Day indeed! We are all excited to get to know Merritt as he develops, and are especially looking forward to whatever games and jokes he invents. Who knows what quirks he’ll develop or pick up from his siblings (and parents)?


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