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…And Wiser Too?

Luckily, I have a lot of support around to help me through this tragic time. Kira and Avey visited me on campus this week:

I got some great gifts, of both material and service. I got a gift certificate to a professional hair stylist, so that I could learn some fancier ways to cover up my receding hair line and try to look as stylish as all the youngsters on campus, like this freshman:

Ha! Just kidding – this is actually Avey wearing a wig. I know, it’s hard to tell, but take a closer look. I don’t have any pictures of my haircut yet that I am willing to post to the world, but perhaps in time… looking at all those candles, I don’t have much left.

Seriously though, it was a good birthday. I have a beautiful, caring wife and a clingy munchkin who adores me. Who could ask for anything more?

Among the celebrations, we went to the best German restaurant in town, and then saw A Christmas Carol in 3D. Don’t take kids to that one – the ghosts are actually very scary!

#Happenings #Humor

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