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Anniversary of a Birth

We celebrated Kira’s birth this week, with all the fanfare possible. Carver did his part by getting a fever and sleeping only a few hours at a time before waking up screaming. That gave Kira and me maximum time to party. I then contributed to the festivities by spending all morning on campus and the entire afternoon at work, so that Kira could have the kids all to herself. Avey, on the other hand, thought that being very helpful and cooperative would be a nice way to show Mom how much she’s appreciated. 

In brief, her actual birthday was kind of a mess. She did, in fact, fill it up with things she enjoys, and we celebrated as a family over the long weekend before. With the generous contributions from friends and family, she purchased a pair of shoes she had been hunting for a while. I baked her cake request, painted her toenails, and tried to let her sleep in as much as possible. Avey, after much thought and deliberation, gave Kira something she knew she wanted: She gave $2 of her own money so that Kira could go down the water slide at our favorite pool.

I began teaching for the summer on Monday, so have been busier than usual. That also means that I was unable to head home to Colorado for the Cope reunion this week. I drove the family halfway up, where we met up with Kira’s dad. We then parted ways until I am free to leave later this week. I’m trying to fill my time with getting things done that I’ve neglected, like sleeping. I hope to dedicate a little more time to schoolwork this week too. 

Carver has been choosing to walk more frequently, and his vocabulary continues to grow. Avey impresses us with her creativity and artistic abilities every week, and her vocabulary is also growing. Her favorite phrase lately is “give me a second”. She enjoys coloring her sentences with other phrases like, “as you know…”, or “no offense”. It’s fun to see her experimenting, working out the subtle meanings and appropriate contexts for her new phrases. We are sure she’ll get plenty more material from school this year.


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