• Elijah Ricks

Annual Egg Search

Every year around this time, we get together with family and go looking around for eggs outside. No, nobody owns chickens; these are special eggs filled with treats. This year was a little more fun as Avey just happens to be one year older than the last time, so she was a little more excited about it:

Avey had the best time coloring the eggs with Kira. She wasn’t as thrilled to fill them with treats with me for some reason – probably because we weren’t eating the treats.

Not much news otherwise. I’m swamped with everything going on, and my thesis defense is coming up, so I should probably start thinking about what to write about. Kira’s been busy with the Easter Cantata, a big fundraiser for Girls’ Camp, and an upcoming presentation on Depression in Youth. The fun just never seems to end at the Ricks Household!



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