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Long before Avey was born I had decided that I wanted my daughter to be a musician. I had concluded that she would eventually play the harp and/or the cello. I never intended to be much of a helicopter parent, or one who pressures his kids to excel in areas where the kids have no particular interest, but on the other hand, I want my daughter to play the frickin’ harp and/or cello. You can see the bind I’m in. So I was very pleased when a couple of days ago, Avey inquired as to whether or not we had any tubas in the house (inspired by the intro to VeggieTales, even though it’s actually a Sousaphone). To her dismay, I had to break it to her that we were fresh out of tubas, but she became very excited to learn that I have a horn in F (a.k.a. “French horn”) ready at a moment’s notice:

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