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Carver admires and reveres his big sister, and with good reason. She is bright, thoughtful, imaginative, and very creative. She exercises her talents in several ways, while Carver observes, awaiting the day he can do what she does. 

Carver recently observed Avey’s most favorite pastime – coloring. He was intrigued beyond words (at least he didn’t say much). He began swiping writing utensils from wherever he could find them. He first worked out their mechanics, finding the best method to remove lids, etc., then began the search for a medium. His attentive parents first encouraged him to try paper, the most popular medium for artists his age. He worked wonders with a few crayons and a sheet of white paper, but soon found that his talent could not be contained on a mere 8½” by 11″ segment of the universe. Thus, it was only natural that he expand into new media, such as table tops, carpet surfaces, and sofa covers. Following the example of the great muralists, Carver has sought out places where his artistic expression could become part of the architecture – immortalized for generations to come. He has even gone so far as to beautify his father’s clothes as a mobile tribute to his skill.

Luckily, half the time Carver can’t figure out which end of the marker to use, and due to his sister’s great difficulty throwing anything away, half of her markers are dried out anyway. In fact, he’s not really left any noticeable marks around, aside from one masterpiece with which he blessed the inside of a kitchen cupboard. We may need to invest in some washable markers soon.

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