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Avey: 1, Dad: 0

I was just changing Avey’s diaper a few minutes ago and just after I’d finished wiping her all clean, she exploded all over me, her onesie, her sleeper, her changing pad, her blanket, and a washcloth. It was incredible how far it shot and how wet it was. It was like the pressure building so much in a bottle of champagne (like I would know) that the cork can no longer keep it all in the bottle. What a mess! And Kira doesn’t believe me, but I am almost positive I saw a little satisfied smirk on her little face as I was struggling to get control of the situation. I’m convinced she was saving that up, biding her time until the opportune moment to catch the unsuspecting new dad unprepared. Well, Avey, you may have won the battle, but the war still goes on… I’m not sure what else there really is to say. She’s sleeping very well in between feedings, she seems as healthy as can be, and she’s cute as a button (a really really cute button, that is. Not those ugly or less-cute buttons). Kira is positive that she smiled for real for the first time today while I was at church. She’s had those random-movements-of-the-face-muscles smiles before, but Kira thinks that she for sure had a sincere reactive smile today. They grow up so fast! My family came to visit us (meaning Avey) this week. It was a blast to have them here and get an excuse to leave the house and take her out on the town a little bit. This just whetted our appetites for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and corresponding trip home. Nothing quite like family. I just hope Avey appreciates us that much some day instead of sabotaging my attempts at clean bums and then snickering at me in baby language. More pictures soon…

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