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Avey 8.0

We finished celebrating Avey’s 8th birthday this week. She was thrilled with all of her gifts, and really enjoyed the many elaborate treats she had us make. She’d had her eyes on a recipe out of a Halloween goody recipe book. They are cupcakes that are made up to look like eyeballs. That was a lot of work, and a lot of sugar, but we survived.

Otherwise, it’s been a typically busy week. I’ve been plugging away at work while the kids push Kira’s buttons at home. Carver is in a relatively new phase where he wants to eat almost nothing. He used to have at least 5 or 6 main dishes through which he would shuffle, but in the last week or so he’s been refusing nearly everything we offer. I understand turning down broccoli and green beans, but peanut butter on bread? He has basically limited himself to yogurt, and sometimes nachos. On the plus side, he has really excelled at entertaining himself at the same time. If left to his own devices, he will sit in a room and play for hours at a time with his cars or blocks or whatever else he can find. As long as Hakan isn’t trying to interfere with his play, Carver just keeps at it.

Hakan has been in a weird phase too. Starting a couple of weeks ago, he’s been staying up until our bedtime, even when he should be exhausted. He goes right down for naps otherwise, but when the other kids go to bed and the sun goes down, the inner vampire in him wakes up. He mostly just runs around and climbs on stuff, but even when it’s clear that he’s ready to sleep, he screams like a banshee when we approach his bedroom. The only thing that works so far is lying down with him in our own bed with the lights off while he screams for a few minutes and passes out. Then we move him to his own bed as gently as we can. I’m not sure this can go on much longer. It wears us all out. At least the good thing is that he sleeps in longer in the mornings. If only Carver could stay in bed past 6, that would be something.

We have another busy week ahead as we prepare for visitors coming for Avey’s baptism. We are looking forward to it.


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