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No, unfortunately the title does not refer to Bavarian Motor Works, but Bowel Movement Woes. Avey has been at the potty training age for quite a while now. The reader will recall a post from nearly a year ago in which we related a success story in Avey’s attempt to defecate in the more culturally accepted manner. However, that appears to have been a fluke. She has, since this blessed event, taken a different approach to potty training. Her relationship to the water closet is difficult to grasp; she is at once fascinated and disinterested in the same moment. Her favorite bedtime book for a while was about a princess who learned to go to the potty; her Uncle Jesse mentioned there were deer feces in the backyard yesterday and she insisted we dig through the snow to find it (yes, it finally snowed a little bit!); in a pretend phone conversation with a muppet character who wanted to come to a party with her, she denied her admittance stating, “No you can’t come – you would poop!”

She apparently thinks about it a lot, but when we gently suggest that she try to use the potty, she flatly refuses. I keep hoping that her thinking about it means that she is also processing through it, and that she will one day be ready and excited to dedicate herself to this new lifestyle, because we’d sure love it if she would make this step. But on the other hand, I also hope that she is this hesitant to drive and date. Hmmm… maybe if I pretend I do not want her to use the potty she would have it down in a day.

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