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Babies and the Showering Thereof

You know, I think one of the strangest elements of our culture is the Baby Shower. First of all, the name; the baby’s not even really aware of what is going on, except that there are several high-pitched voices making noise and hands are pressing into her personal space, encouraging her to kick or punch, over which she has little control anyway because the myelinization process is moving very slowly.

Then the word “shower”; the baby may be getting “showered” with gifts, but aren’t they really more for the mother? I guarantee Avey doesn’t care what any of the stuff looks like, as long as she can get a hold of it and stick it in her mouth. Oh, and babies don’t even shower for at least several months, they get sponge baths. I declare it should be called a “Shower of Gifts Upon a Future Mother”. Thank you.

In any case, it was a very nice event, and several people came and were very generous with their gifting. Some of the big hits are shown. My beautiful, talented and virtuous mother made both the quilt and the booties pictured above. They are absolutely adorable and were the cause of much “ooh”-ing and “aah”-ing by the ladies. Much of her handiwork is available for purchase; see her link to the right (LoveLace Creations).

The above picture is a cake made out of diapers, several toys, and a baby food masher. Despite all of my begging, Kira wouldn’t even let me take a bite, but instead took it apart and packed it away (sigh).

Now that I’ve mentioned packing, that was our activity yesterday. We came much farther than I expected and should be all set for our big move next weekend. Remember, if you’re reading this and live within 50 miles of Provo, you are now legally obligated to come and help us. I’ll let you know how it goes next week.

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