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Baby Merritt

…is still not here [nervous laugh]. We were holding out desperately for Kira’s mother to arrive before the metaphorical bomb went off, or so we thought. She arrived on Thursday, and each day since then we expect to be the day. I spent Friday hurriedly finishing some grading from my courses so that I could have that over and done with, but still Merritt left us hanging. Yesterday was an especially big tease, as Kira had a contraction every 15 minutes or so, at least for a while. We went to bed hoping for a few hours of respite, and then awoke to our surprise several hours later to the normal chirping of birds in the wee hours of the morning. Kira was uncomfortable, but certainly not in labor. This morning thus far continues to appear uneventful, but who knows what’s in store? Surely he’ll wait until I make the 45-minute drive to teach my course tomorrow and then interrupt. That would not be a very good first impression…

We’ve made good use of the delay at least. Kira and her mother have been working on Kira’s to-do list while I’ve occupied the kiddies and tried to keep up on some of the housework. Somehow, with all of the business, we’ve had no time for pictures. I’ll try to take some later today, and certainly once we’re at the hospital.

The kids are getting impatient with the waiting, too. Avey tries to pass the time with lots of reading, but she blows through books so fast that the library is having a hard time keeping up with us [probably]. Carver spends most of his time trying to avoid sitting still at the table, and often ends up playing loud games, or perhaps I should say, “playing games loudly.” Hakan has been glued to his grandma since she arrived. He loves to have a new playmate who’ll chase him and to whom he can show off. He loves to impress with his jumping into the air about 3 inches, and flexing his muscles – a trick he learned from Carver. He will tighten his arms so that they tremble a little, and he makes a “tough” face. It’s pretty adorable, so I’ll try to get some video of it soon.

In the meantime, I’ll post news of the birth as soon as there is some…

#Happenings #LittleGems

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