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Back in Time

Kira’s church calling is in the Young Women Organization, and they have youth dances periodically. Because she and I now rank among the geezers we aren’t invited to the dances, but she has the opportunity to chaperone them from time to time. We were pretty excited when she signed up to chaperone the New Year’s Eve youth dance this time around and decided to make a date out of it. So her parents graciously agreed to take Avey for the night and we figured we would pick her up the next year (ha ha). A big problem was that she was sick. She had been up about every 20 minutes the night before, probably because she couldn’t breathe very well through her nose. Needless to say, she had a really hard time getting down for the night at her grandparents’, but we left with our fingers crossed.

The dance brought back a lot of memories. I remember going to the same dances with my hair way too long, checking out all the hot babes to ask to dance, trying the goofiest dance moves I could think of, etc. This dance was only slightly different than those: (a) my hair was far too thin, (b) the only babe I was checking out I already married, (c) I tried even goofier dance moves than when I was a teenager. It was nice because my two youngest siblings were there as actual youth and helped us to blend in a little bit. The really wild thing was that I ran into some other chaperones my age whom I met at these dances years ago. One actually had dated my best bud from high school. Crazy stuff.

Anyway, we had a blast and some good exercise, but came to find out that Avey hadn’t slept hardly at all the entire time we had been gone. Papa and Grandma had done their best, but Avey just wasn’t feeling well and is starting to get some separation anxiety. By the end of the dance, she was asleep and we decided we should probably just go get her and take her home. That may have been the wrong choice because she would not leave Kira’s arms until about 4am. We sure know how to start the new year, don’t we?

Avey has caught up on her sleep big time since. She slept a straight 12 hours on the 2nd, and almost the same on the 3rd (she was up a while around midnight) and about the same last night. We slept in until about 8:45 this morning! We’re hoping this pattern sticks!

Happy New Year Everybody!


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