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[Back] to School

This week made the first week of school for Carver, and Avey’s first full week. Avey seems to be getting into the swing of things pretty well, and likes her teacher thus far. She has a pretty good social life there, so typically shuts herself in her room when she gets home, apparently having had her fill of human interaction. 

Carver had a good first day. He was nervous and excited for it, as is typical. Gathering around the classroom door with all of the other kids and parents, we saw a few tears shed by some of the other kids, so we were glad to see that Carver seemed stoic. He came home with a good report of the day, so things were off to a good start. 

He did have a rough time later in the week when his teacher said she could ask only three students their ideas about something and Carver did not get picked. He has a passion for fairness (at least for himself), so being passed over like that moved him to tears. Kira and I processed it with him, and he seems to have learned a little how life is a brief, merciless tragedy, but at least there’s a cookie here and there.

Hakan came down with strep throat again. He had a bit of a fever on Friday, so Kira, suspecting the worst, took him in. We had just gotten over it, it seems, so we are now wondering if there is something more sinister going on, given how much he gets that (voodoo?). He had a rough night Friday, but had no fever at all today. After a regimen of antibiotics and staying home from church today, he is doing much better.

Merritt has seemed very grown up lately, with his words and new skills. He feeds himself (messily) with a spoon and fork, he climbs stairs like nobody’s business, he loves to tumble on the couch with his brothers (nearly giving Kira a heart attack each time), and he loves to dance and spin around when there’s music. Recently he started imitating the sounds for a drum beat with his mouth when he wants to listen to music. It’s absolutely adorable to hear his little “phoo chee!” mimicry of a simple beat. I will try to catch it on video in the near future. 

Kira has gotten some new clients recently, so she’s been busier with work on top of all that the children and her church calling demand.

I had a good first week back also. It’s going to be a busy, productive semester.

We’ll see if we can take a 10 minute break from our labors tomorrow, in celebration of Labor Day. We hope yours is amazing!


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