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Back to School

Lots going on this week. Firstly, Avey began pre-school this week, and absolutely loves it! When Kira went to pick her up on the first day, Avey didn’t want to leave. Just yesterday she asked when she gets to go back because “it’s been forever since [she] went!” She counts the days in between, and would probably sleep at school if we’d let her. 

Carver has been sitting up all on his own, and drooling like he’s got a fire hose on full blast inside of his mouth. Seriously, I had no idea the human body is capable of producing that amount of saliva, especially a body his size. I think if we were to sit him down outside for about an hour, all of Texas would be free of this drought problem.

I have been beyond swamped with everything I’ve got going on. I’m glad I wasn’t this busy the semester Carver was born, or I might not have noticed he was even around! Labor Day was a welcome break from the routine. We spent it grabbing naps where we could, taking a failed trip to the mall (their fountain Avey planned to splash in has not been working for a while now), eating at a fast-food place, and most importantly, not going to campus!

Kira is now officially off the hook as RS secretary! She begins teaching her class today, and is surprised at how excited she is. She’s been putting in overtime with her work, but must be used to that because of her other two clients (Avey and Carver).

Avey’s birthday is swiftly approaching, as she constantly reminds us. We wish we could be back home to celebrate!


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