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Baking Battles

Last week at work a few emails were thrown around about a pot luck lunch. Somebody complimented somebody else about how good her brownies had tasted. Of course, that was the first I had heard of them, so I queried as to the purpose of said brownies, and was countered that they were not meant for me. Well, of course, I had to have revenge, so I baked up about 40 of my best cookies (yes, this is still Eli writing – he bakes) and took them in just to stir up doubt in everyone elses’ baking skills. Let me just say, mission accomplished.

I’ve also been on my own in teaching Tae Kwon Do half of this week and will be all of this next week. The instructor is on a cruise, so it’s up to me. Both days went really well, so I’m not worried about this week too much.

Kira got a calling at church! It involves coordinating music and so she’s really excited about it – especially because it’s not terribly demanding; she’s decided that being a mother takes up a lot of time. And once again, we’ve blown you all away with an incredibly informative and groundbreaking discovery. Inspired, aren’t we?

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