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Bands and Baptisms

With three family members coming to town this week, we spent most of our “free” time preparing for their arrival. We cleaned in between work and feeding children, and Kira did laundry every time she could make it to the laundry room. Avey worked hard to get her room in decent shape, and Carver and Hakan played extra hard to get their toys warmed up for performances.

Hakan has been thrilled with the extra time and audience for flirting. He adored my younger brother each minute he was near, and just last night, Hakan sat up to the table and charmed his way through Grandma’s french fries.

Avey had a good baptism. The biggest hurdle to clear was that the water was too hot, so that she took some coaxing to get in. We’d heard that the previous time they used the font the hot water had not been working, so perhaps we voiced too much concern that the missionaries who filled it thought to go to the other extreme. Still, after a little work it was all done, and not a moment too soon, because the boys were getting awfully bored. I feel like I spent half of the program just chasing Hakan around as he tried to get into the cultural hall and swipe a basketball. Carver had been asked to give the closing prayer, and assured us that he would be brilliant at it. When the time came, he froze in front of the little crowd, and then started praying so softly that I’m sure not even he could hear it. Avey, just a few feet in front of him, tried to encourage him to speak up, which set him off. He interrupted his prayer to whine at her and then mope. I was standing with him, trying to give him courage, and finally just got him to end the prayer. Had we waited for Avey and he to settle their differences first, I’m sure we’d still be in the room with our heads bowed. 

After the ceremony, we came home to change, and then Avey, my brother, and I all ventured into the city to show him some sights before he left this morning. We wish that he could have stayed longer, but alas…

Thursday night was a real treat for me this week. I cashed in my birthday and Christmas gifts for the year and went to see one of my favorite bands of late, Franz Ferdinand. Kira was kind enough to let me stay out past my bedtime, and manage the kids by herself. I’m not sure how I’ll top that for her gift, but I can try.


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