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Best Friends

Avey discovered two of the greatest toys ever this week. She’s been riding her popper toy lately like a horse, so it was no surprise to me when we were at a thrift store and she picked up a stick horse and wouldn’t let go of it. Needless to say, I broke down and forked over the couple of bucks. He’s been a noble steed so far:

I’m not real sure about the binky. She has it in her toy drawer and sometimes chews on it for fun. It’s not a soothing thing anymore, but seems to relieve some of the teething discomfort lately. She’s on her last two teeth for a full set!

Speaking of teething, she was having a hard time the other day, so we gave her some toys made for chewing. I pulled this little quintopus (it has only 5 tentacles) out of the freezer and she fell in love! She thought it was the cutest thing that had ever been made. She wouldn’t let go of it the rest of the meal and has since gone to sleep most nights with it clenched in her little fist. The little companions share everything now:

Just imagine how she’ll spoil her human friends someday!

An old friend of ours from high school was in town with his wife and kids yesterday and Avey was shy at first, but then started randomly giving the kids hugs whenever they got close. We think maybe she’s ready to make friends with more kids. We just hope she’ll be so loving with a new sibling when the time comes.

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