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Best Job Ever

You know, with a name like Eli, I don’t get a whole lot of mix ups anywhere. Nobody has ever had to refer to me as “Eli R.”, or “the other Eli”. It’s a pretty rare name, as names go. But the

Well anyway, if you didn’t already piece it together, at my job this Monday, we went with some of the students to the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake. These are just some of the pictures I got. For confidentiality reasons, I didn’t take any of the students’ pictures, so if you think some of the animals might be students, you’re wrong.

No, going to the zoo isn’t a very common activity at my job, this is just a week in between semesters and so they plan several activities because it’s sort of a “Summer Break” for the men, and not all of them can get away. Hey, I’m not complaining. Nobody’s ever payed me to

In other news, the anniversary of the birth of our nation was Wednesday. Allow me to be serious just for a moment; the more I have learned in school, and through travelling and living in another country for two years, and reading about history, watching the news, etc., I have come more and more to appreciate and adore this country. The mere fact that neither I, nor Kira, nor my children will ever want for food or shelter is more than many nations have offered. We both have college educations, which puts us in the elite 10% of the country, and the even more elite of the world. We drink clean water, can bathe every day, can read, see, or say whatever we feel is just and right. For these small things we take for granted every day, and for thousands more, I am proud to be an American and will

Okay, I’m done. Kira and I celebrated the 4th by sleeping in, seeing a movie (Premonition), having lunch with my brother and his wife who were in town for the day, just plain relaxing, shopping a little, and pigging out a little. It was a nice way to spend the middle of the week and we’ve decided we should have more Fourths of July in the year.

Kira’s birthday is this week, so if you haven’t already, drop her a line or note. She’d love it.

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