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Better Late Than Never

I am employed! Miracles do happen! Thank you all for your prayers and support over the past few months, because it appears that it has all paid off finally. I got a call today a little after 5pm, offering me a job as a vocational case manager – that basically means I help people in need gain skills and good work ethic so they can make a living for themselves. I got hired at a school for men with learning disabilities here in town. It’s the place I volunteered a couple of years ago and Kira did an internship there while she was working on her Master’s. I went in for the fourth time this week for a second interview for that part-time position I mentioned in an earlier post, but it turns out that it will be full-time after all! They had me work with one of their residents for about an hour and watched how I interacted with him and then we talked about it afterwards. It’s a beautiful campus, and all of the people seem really nice. I start work on Monday, so it’ll be full of paperwork and learning people’s names, etc. Anyway, happy, happy day! More updates to come…

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