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Big Boys and Beds

Several weeks ago, when it was time for Hakan’s morning nap, he requested to lay in Carver’s bed rather than his crib. I worried for a moment that he would just jump around and get in and out several times (that is the whole point of the bars on cribs, after all), but figured it wouldn’t hurt to try it out. To my surprise and delight, he stayed in Carver’s bed and also had an especially long nap! 

Naturally, he has requested to sleep in Carver’s bed nearly every day since then, and it has worked out quite well. We were most worried about how Carver would react when he found out that his bed had other clients, but when we broke the news to him he took it very well. Carver is easily our best sharer so far.

Hakan kept using Carver’s bed for naps, but when nighttime came he often still requested it again. It was clear that Hakan was ready to transition out of the crib, so we bought him his first big boy bed, including superhero sheets and everything. He is thrilled. Maybe this step will help him end his binky addiction…

There is little else in news over here. Everyone in the house seems tired. Kira and I are certainly lacking in the sleep domain, but it seems that our older three bicker and argue over the pettiest things lately. When they make a concerted effort they can be the best of friends, but it seems like they rarely make the effort in the last couple of weeks. I blame some of it on the heat, and most of the rest on the refusal of the older two to nap. Merritt’s disruption of the normal routine bears some of the blame, though we can’t stay mad at him. It also seems that Avey is quite bored without the demands of school. Perhaps we should get her to learn Chinese over the summer, if just to keep her busy.

The big news of the week for me was that I had an overdue dentist appointment on Tuesday, and came back with no cavities. I think that has happened one other time in my life, so I am pretty excited about that. Now to celebrate with mountains of ice cream…

#Happenings #LittleGems

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