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I decided not to write “Happy” before the title because I turned 27 on Friday. That means I’d might as well be 30. What a scary thought…

As depressing as it is, Kira did her best to welcome me gently into the club (she’s been a member for a few months now) by letting me sleep in until 7:30, making me a spectacular breakfast, buying me a comfy shirt, and ordering me to not do any homework all weekend. I got some nice cards and phone calls as well, and my dear mother made me a special dinner tonight with the rest of my family in town. It was a wonderful birthday, truth be told. Kira also surprised me on Wednesday on campus by bringing Avey and some wicked-delicious eclairs from a dutch bakery nearby. I’m a very vain person when it comes to my daughter, so the best present was getting to show her off to my classmates again. On that note, here are some videos. The first one is Avey demonstrating her newest and most impressive word, “Tylenol”.

We never practiced it with her, we just told her what it is when she would point at it and she said it one day. This next one is her impression of a cow.

“Moo” indeed, Avey.

#Happenings #LittleGems

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