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Black Eyes and Runny Noses

We got pretty beat up by this week. It all started when Carver was doing one of his ill-advised stunts. This time he decided to dismount the bathroom stool with a big leap toward the bathtub, but failed to factor in that his underwear were wrapped around his ankles, preventing them from moving. He smashed pretty hard, and his eye has cycled through just about every color in the rainbow so far. Fortunately, he says there is no pain.

The health troubles were only beginning for us, though. Hakan and Carver both came down with a cold that made it hard for them to sleep at night. Their noses got stuffed up, leaving them to breathe through their mouths, making their achy throats even worse. They had one really bad night but seem to be mending quickly.

Just as we were going to bed on Friday night I could tell that my throat was getting sore, and sure enough, I awoke on Saturday feeling like garbage. Last night was even worse as I barely slept. Luckily, the kids all had a great night, so Kira got to sleep through the night. I am still pretty out of it, but am planning on loading up on the medicine tonight. Poor Merritt seems to have come down with this cold, too, but he is handling it even better than I; He slept the best out of the whole house.

I am a little weirded out that this particular strain seems to target only the males in our family, because Avey and Kira have thus far gone unscathed. I have been licking Avey’s dishes before she eats her meals just to see if she can actually get it, so we’ll see how that turns out.

Hakan has been struggling to find himself this week. At one moment he will play in all of Merritt’s toys, and squeeze himself into Merritt’s chairs, but then at the next moment he wants to be just like Carver. He insisted every day this last week that he needed to wear a pair of Carver’s pajamas to bed. That turned out to be quite the sight, as they nearly fall off of him while he runs around. His modeling of Carver turns up all over; he doesn’t want to wear a bib unless Carver does, he has started showering with Carver instead of taking solo baths like usual, when Carver went into the backyard barefoot Hakan decided to take off his own shoes, and so on. The poor guy seems to be working on finding out where he fits in, but we’re sure he’ll figure it out.

Avey found out this week who will be her teacher for 3rd Grade, and then she excitedly called her best friends from 2nd Grade to find out to whom they were assigned. She was disappointed to learn that of her three best friends, only one will be in her same class. At least she can have lunch with the others, but we were all pretty bummed at the news. 

This is our last week before school starts back up. Still, I need to head to campus twice this week for various meetings. We completed Avey’s school supply shopping at least (which was a nightmare), so at least there’s that. It’s going to be strange getting back into the normal routine with Merritt hanging around, but if anyone can do it, we can!


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