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This week was full of a lot of exhaustion after some late nights. Merritt has still been doing this routine where we put him to bed and then he pops right out a few minutes later, seeming to be full of energy and ready for the night life. We put him back to bed 3 or 4 more times with the same result until he finally seems to come to the conclusion on his own that it’s time for bed. It’s getting old very fast. It seems to be a multi-faceted problem: He sleeps in a little later than his brothers, so maybe he needs a little bit later bedtime; and he is at a stage where he’s scared of the dark and of “monsters under the bed,” so he needs constant reassurance that they aren’t there. Avey put him to bed once this week for us and had the idea to put his mattress on the floor so that he couldn’t be afraid of monsters under him. That helped a little.

Anyway, we usually deal with him until 8 p.m. or so and then we older people try to do something together like watch a movie, so then we’re up later, too. We’re hoping to break that habit soon, though maybe we’re not ready to accept that school is nearly back in session. 

Kira had a Relief Society presidency meeting earlier in the week, so she took the boys to play with the other woman’s kids, and they had a blast. I did some school work and also repainted the door frame between our front glass doors and the inner doors (it had been peeling since before we moved in).

One afternoon, we had set up to have Carver’s best friend to come over and play for a few hours. They had a really good time, but Apollo just couldn’t get over the presence of another kid. He kept barking at the guy, no matter how much we tried to show that he was a friend. We eventually just had to keep them apart, taking Apollo on a walk, and keeping him in the yard.

In a funny coincidence, when we went to the dog park later in the week, after Carver whined and complained about being dragged there, a friend from his 1st Grade class was there, so they had a great time, and it is hopefully getting Carver back in the mood for school to see so many buddies. 

On one of the nicer days this week, we tried our luck at fishing, which Hakan had really wanted to do. We had planned on it for Monday, but then when our neighbor invited us to swim in her pool, we couldn’t turn down the possibility. So we delayed the fishing trip for a day. It was pretty enjoyable, though we probably didn’t have the right bait or hook sizes for the fish that we could see in the water. Still, Apollo had a nice time sniffing at everything, and Hakan got really good at casting his line. We didn’t catch anything, but at least we got out of the house.

Avey had a big week. On Friday she was invited to go with a friend to a fair, where she spent most of the day and had a blast going on rides and stuffing herself with pizza.

One thing that kept us up late this week was that Avey has wanted to try a little color in her hair. She bought a kit and so Kira helped her on two nights this week to bleach the lower section of her hair and then to color it. Avey seems pretty satisfied with it, and so we’re excited to see what her classmates think in a couple of weeks. 

Saturday was a pretty big day, too. Hakan and Kira arranged for him to earn a trip to a local indoor play zone, and so they did that Saturday afternoon while Hannah and I took the other boys to the park/dog park. He had a great time. 

The front door got me in a painting mood, so I spent a couple of hours this week painting the cabinet under our sink in the master bathroom. It was just plain wood, so the paint matches the color scheme much better and gives it a cleaner feel. I also added some trim to a section around the medicine cabinet that was just broken tile, so that now it looks more presentable, and then I painted the medicine cabinet to match the rest. I’m very pleased with it, and now looking for my next project.

On top of everything else she did this week, Kira went to see an allergist to see if there was something to be done about her inability to taste food clearly. For a couple of years now, she’s complained about not really being able to taste her food very well, so she’s meant to see someone about it for awhile and is now getting it looked at. Nothing so far, but we’ll keep you updated.

This week is likely to be full of some more prep for school, a few outings, and a couple of home projects, just like most of the summer.


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