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Bouncy Ball Bliss

Carver’s favorite thing to do this last week was to venture outside to the sidewalk along our parking lot, throw a ball in front of him, and chase after it. Even as fast as he is, he has a hard time catching up with the ball if it is particularly bouncy, and it often rolls under a car, or down the hill. The end result is that Mom or Dad gets a good workout and black marks on the knees, while Carver watches with glee. It’s a little like a game of fetch, except I don’t wag my tail.

After some trial and error, we found that using his small orange ball was best, because it bounces, but is also light, so rarely has the momentum to wander into the parking lot.

Among other habits of late is Carver’s curious behavior regarding the bathroom. I do not recall when this began exactly, but for several weeks, if Carver catches me heading to use the water closet, he is sure to follow behind. This is fairly normal for most children, but where it gets a little strange is that, when I prepare to relieve myself standing in front of the potty, Carver plants himself to the left of it, grips the side of the bowl with both hands, and just watches the show. I cannot imagine what would make it more awkward. After it’s over, he says, “Eww”, and then we both wash our hands. My only hope is that this little fascination of his will translate into easier potty training, now that he fully understands the sequence.


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