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Bowling in Provo

Avey’s hair seems to keep getting longer for some reason. We had it under control for a while, but as it’s grown, it has also become more temperamental, so we need to resort to new, sneakier ways to calm it down. 

Yesterday I got back from a very pleasant, albeit brief, trip to Provo. I attended a conference on learning disabilities. It was pretty sweet to see some of our old haunts and catch up with my old coworkers. I guess I do miss ol’ Utah – a little. 

So what else did I do there? I did quite a bit of bowling, actually. The night I got there, my little brother invited me to an activity with a club he’s in at school. The activity was bowling! I then played my other brother’s Wii, and what did we do? Bowling! Then Friday night I hung out with my brother-in-law and his fiance and we – you guessed it – bowled! I actually quite enjoy bowling, so it was fine. I’m just kind of disappointed that I didn’t get much better as time went on. 


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