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Boys, Girls, and Chickens

Earlier today, Carver was keeping his big sister company in her room. Avey took advantage of the opportunity to quiz her brother on the differences between the sexes. She asked him if she is a boy or a girl. He answered correctly. She asked him which he is. He correctly answered that he is a boy. Avey then asked him to which group I belong. Carver quickly concluded that I, too, am a boy. 

The next logical step was to quiz the boy about his mother. Avey did so, and Carver paused for a moment, and then answered that “Mommy just get a chicken!” We have no clue what was going through his mind – maybe he expects to have a little brother chicken come out of Kira’s tummy in the next few months. In any case, it was a humorous moment for us all.

In other news, one of the highlights of this week was Avey’s first science fair. She had decided that she wanted to find out something about using magnifying glasses to burn things. That’s my girl! After some discussion with her scientist father, we decided to try to figure out if the size of a magnifying glass influenced how quickly it could burn a 2-inch line in a piece of wood. We also decided to see if the magnifying power is important too. She and I had a lot of fun doing it, and figured out that the strength of the magnifying glass seems to be more important than the size. We’ll write up our results and submit them to the journal Nature shortly, I’m sure. 


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